Layla Fox Photography

Sitting fee starting at $50
This includes 1 hour on location and 2 wardrobe changes.

8 wallets  $10
4x6    $5
5x7   $10
8x10   $20
10x10   $30
11x14   $35
16x20   $45
***With a $200 order you will receive a High resolution CD of all the proofs***
Additional Items
Standout Mounts
Standout is the perfect contemporary mounting option that doesn’t require a frame to hang on the wall. The sleek edges and sides of the Standout mount can create a modern wall display with the focus all on the image
   Black wood
   8x10    $100
    11x14   $150
    16x20   $200
    20x20   $250
Wedding packages are also available.